Fraudulent creation of STCs

Yesterday the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) released further advice warning of fraudulent activity after it was identified a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) were incorrectly created.

It appears these were created by certificate agents on behalf of companies purporting to be solar PV retailers, where these companies appear to have no legitimate sales business and the systems were in fact never installed.

CER has advised that they are continuing to investigate the matter and have urged all agents to ensure robust due diligence is completed for any new customers.

We have also been advised by CER that at least five different registered agents have been approached and that several have accepted business and created certificates.

Fortunately due to our secure online system and excellent processing procedures Green Energy Trading is not one of the agents currently being investigated as a creator of these invalid certificates.

While the regulator continues their ongoing investigation this is a reminder to all our customers that robust compliance is an important feature of the Renewable Energy Scheme and that shortcuts carry significant risk.

It is important to remember that Agents that have incorrectly created certificates need to make good and that the CER have the authority to suspend/expel agents knowingly involved in defrauding of the STC scheme.

We like to assure our clients that as always Green Energy Trading remains committed to the highest level of compliance to ensure the safe and secure creation of your certificates along with the knowledge you will always be paid on time with the best price available.

If you are aware of any fraudulent activity, or inappropriate use of installer accreditation numbers please contact the CER at or call 1300 553 542.