Commercial Lighting in Victoria and New South Wales

In a typical office, lighting usage contributes to around 38% of the electricity bill. That’s a big impact on any business's bottom line. By installing energy efficient lighting technologies, such as LED luminaires and control devices, businesses can both save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2009, Green Energy Trading has helped reduce the cost of energy efficient lighting upgrades for thousands of businesses through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)and the New South Wales Energy Efficiency Scheme (ESS).

Combined, we have created more than 3 million energy efficiency certificates, and have one of the highest compliance ratings in the industry. We offer fast payments with competitive pricing, streamlined creation that integrates with your business, and timely market intelligence when you need it.

Benefits of working with Green Energy Trading

  • Fast Cash: 5 working-day payment for VEECs and 10 working-day payment for ESCs regardless of our audit status, frees up capital and gets your business moving.

  • Flexible trading models: Get the spot price on the day, lock-in forward pricing in advance, or have the VEECs/ESCs transferred back to your account – whichever model suits your business needs.

  • Streamlined creation: Our purpose built creation system and dedicated customer service reps will help you through every step of the creation process.

Green Energy Trading can help you navigate through complex compliance requirements by providing you with clear and concise information and first-class customer service.

Call Green Energy Trading on 1300 077 784 to discuss your next ESC or VEEC commercial lighting projects today.