Making clean energy more accessible to Australians

  • VEET legislation not passed

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  • Why are ESC prices rising in such an oversupplied market?

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  • Power of the people

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  • 5.4m target stands for 2015

    After months of promising to dramatically reduce next year’s Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and to abandon the scheme from 1 January 2016, the Napthine Government has failed to pass its legislation.

  • ESC price defies oversupply

    Last week, a record 418,000 Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) were created. Creation levels have been so strong that we may need as few as 500,000 more ESCs in order to meet the 2015 target.

  • Rally for renewables

    Along with crowds of other renewable energy advocates around Australia, Green Energy Trading enthusiastically supported today’s ‘Rally for Renewables’.

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Energy schemes

Rising electricity costs, climate change, a desire to protect the wonders of our environment for future generations - these are just a few of the reasons why many of us consider using cleaner technologies at our workplace or home.

To encourage widespread use of renewable energy or energy saving technologies, there are financial incentives now available through various state and federal energy schemes. These financial incentives come in the form of environmental certificates, which can be monetised, aggregated or traded. Green Energy Trading can help you to navigate through the regulatory requirements to secure your benefit.

Green Energy Trading is one of the leading, accredited environmental agents in Australia. We help individuals and organisations to access the financial benefits available for the use of renewable energy (including solar PV, solar water heaters, hydro, wind and biogas systems) and energy efficient technologies (including commercial lighting upgrades).

For further information contact us, or select a scheme below to learn more.