Defining small-scale systems and large-scale systems

30 Nov 2017 | Green Energy Trading

The Clean Energy Regulator has developed new frameworks to help current and potential solar PV participants to determine their eligibility to participate in the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme or the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target.


Let's not forget about deeming in 2018

29 Nov 2017 | Green Energy Trading

Let’s review this one more time, what is Deeming?


Here are 4 essential fixes for the National Energy Guarantee

28 Nov 2017 | Tristan Edis

Before outlining the key weaknesses with what is currently proposed we’d point out that the broad policy concept could work perfectly well to drive decarbonisation of our electricity supplies.


New CEC Battery Installation Guidelines for Accredited Installers - Mandatory 1 November 2017

01 Nov 2017 | Green Energy Trading

The CEC’s new Battery Installation Guidelines for Accredited Installers are now mandatory (as of 1 November 2017) for installers who are accredited for battery installations.


Updated Assignment VEEC Forms

06 Sep 2017 | Green Energy Trading

Green Energy Trading is releasing updated assignment forms for all VEEC Water and Space Heating installations.


Renewable energy generates enough power to run 70% of Australian homes

28 Aug 2017 | Tristan Edis

Australia’s renewable energy sector is within striking distance of matching national household power consumption, cranking out enough electricity to run 70% of homes last financial year, new figures show.


Company News

09 Aug 2017 | Green Energy Trading

Green Energy Trading, Australia’s leading environmental certificate creator, is delighted to announce the appointment of


New coal power plants are great – if you don’t have to pay for them

08 Aug 2017 | Tristan Edis

Matt Howell, who is the CEO of Australia’s largest electricity consumer – the Tomago Aluminium Smelter – thinks that Australia needs a new coal power plant. On Monday night he told ABC Radio’s PM program that because NSW nearly ran out of power one day last summer - which required his plant to curtail its use of electricity to avoid paying extremely high electricity spot market prices - there was a need to build new fossil-fuel power plants.


Rooftop solar shock for consumers, installers as rebate price falls by one-third

21 Jul 2017 | Tristan Edis


Turnbull just needs to look back into his own past to address high power prices

23 Jun 2017 | Tristan Edis

Australia’s electricity and gas prices have reached historic heights that are squeezing household budgets while threatening the very survival of some Australian manufacturers.