REC Prices Increase

08 Nov 2009 | Green Energy Trading

If anyone is in any doubt over the volatility of the REC market, they need only to have been around to see prices hike up towards the end of last week.


RECs fall to lowest price in more than 2 years

02 Oct 2009 | Green Energy Trading

The level of uncertainty in the marketplace has made the price of RECs, and what will happen next, a very hot topic. The last days have proven to be no less uncertain.


Solar Credits and VRECs - it’s one or the other.

18 Sep 2009 | Green Energy Trading

We’re getting a lot of questions about VRECs under the Solar Credit scheme. Solar Credits (the 5x multiplier) doesn’t apply to VRECs only RECs.


Renewable Energy Target regulations are now in place

18 Sep 2009 | Green Energy Trading

The regulations to give effect to Solar Credits (REC multiplier) and to tighten the requirements for commercial solar water heater systems are now in place.


What’s going to happen to REC prices now that Solar Credits has passed?

14 Sep 2009 | Green Energy Trading

Over the last couple of months we have seen REC prices fall over $10 to reach the lowest level in more than 18 months. Now, with the introduction of the Solar Credits and the 5 x multiplier, many of us are wondering what this will mean for REC prices.


What’s an eligible premises for Solar Credits?

11 Sep 2009 | Ric Brazzale

I was speaking to the regulator this morning about what constitutes an eligible premises under Solar Credits and it looks like this will be a bit of a grey area for a while yet. The concept of an eligible premises is new under Solar Credits.


Rebate for Heat Pumps now $1000

07 Sep 2009 | Green Energy Trading

The government's latest overnight announcement saw the rebate for heat pumps replacing an electric water heater fall from $1,600 to $1,000. This change came into effect for systems bought from Saturday 5 September.


The Trend in Solar Water Heater RECs

03 Sep 2009 | Green Energy Trading

RECs from solar water heaters have accounted for more than 50% of all RECs produced so far for 2009. We’ve seen strong month-on-month growth in the number of SWH installations this year, due largely to generous rebates from Commonwealth and State Governments in addition to benefits provided by RECs.


The Renewable Energy Target

27 Aug 2009 | Green Energy Trading

Over the last week since the passing of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) we have been receiving a number of calls about what all of this means. Hopefully we can help to shed some light on the issue and let you know that you’re not the only one left wondering how the five times multiplier will be calculated and requirements for creating the additional RECs.


REC market shows extreme volatility

22 Nov 0200 | Green Energy Trading

The REC market has seen quite a bit of volatility over the last few weeks. We saw prices fall by nearly $6 per REC last week before recovering some ground on Friday.