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New CEC Battery Installation Guidelines for Accredited Installers - Mandatory 1 November 2017

01 Nov 2017
by Green Energy Trading

The Clean Energy Council announced the new Battery Installation Guidelines for Accredited Installers at the start of the month. As of 1st November 2017, they are mandatory for installers who are accredited for battery installations.

These new guidelines have been established after extensive industry consultation and cover a more comprehensive range of battery installation methods than the previous guidelines. The guidelines will continue to provide a platform to ensure the safety and quality of battery storage installations in Australia – something crucial for the future of this exciting technology.

You can download the new battery installation guidelines from the Solar Accreditation website.

These guidelines reflect the most important clauses of existing battery-related standards (such as AS 4086, AS 3011, AS 2676, AS/NZS 4509 and AS/NZS 4777.1).

Additionally, the guidelines apply to:

  • installing systems operating at both extra-low voltage (ELV) and low voltage (LV)
  • grid-connected and off-grid applications
  • installation of battery systems (up to the terminals of PCEs), and preassembled integrated battery energy storage systems

While not explicitly stated, the Clean Energy Regulator has the ability to enforce compliance with the Battery Installation Guidelines for systems connected to that claim STCs.

 For more information contact accreditation@cleanenergycouncil.org.au.


The Green Energy Trading Team.