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CEC testing raises broader inverter questions

26 Mar 2018
by Green Energy Trading

CEC is concerned that the practice of shipping inverters without the country code set may be widespread. Recent testing for compliance with AS 4777.2 for passive anti-islanding settings suggests there may be some broad industry issues about the setting or communication of setting changes to Australian country code.

In several instances, it appears that the country code for Australia was not set in the factory. Instead, the factory was relying on the installer to set the code at the time of commissioning.  However, the written instructions supplied with the inverter contained no reference to this requirement and no instructions for checking or setting the country code. In addition, the inverter display failed to prompt for this setting on first powering up. To compound the problem, in one case the inverter was specifically labelled with an 'AU' country code on the label, implying that the settings had been done.

The requirement to set this and the instructions for setting must be clearly communicated. Confidence in the compliance of inverters with AS 4777.2 is fundamental to industry credibility with electrical regulators and network service providers.


All parties in the inverter supply chain are advised to urgently check the situation with any units they sell or install and ensure any setting requirements are clearly communicated to their downstream partners.