LGC Creation

If your client is thinking about going over 100kW's and into LGC territory, no need to worry. With over 200 accredited power stations, our experience sets us apart from our competition.

  • We work in partnership with installers, developers and system owners to get your power stations accredited.

  • We then login remotely to the meters, download the generational data and submit it for approval.

  • Every February we submit the mandatory annual generational report for your power station.

  • We also act as the primary point of contact for all regulator communications and compliance related issues.

  • Power Station client’s can utilise our market positioning to secure forward price cover with either fixed price or variable price options.

Green Energy Trading covers every aspect of the LGC creation process and can provide you with clear and concise information and first-class customer service.

Let us manage your LGC creation from start to finish, contact us today on 1300 077 784.