Solar PV, Water and Space Heater creation online through Geo

Our innovative online platform Geo lets you create STCs & VEECs without paper or signatures, pick the price and payment terms, reduce your business risk and free up valuable working capital.

  • No more paper! - our 100% online system means you don’t need to chase customers or installers for their signature; think of all the time you save when submitting an assignment!
  • Work where you want - Submit claims onsite in minutes from your tablet.
  • Decide how you want to get paid - Payment terms from 1 to 20 days available, offering you a choice of the fastest payment or best price.
  • Best price in the market - Permanent bonus for all Geo users on top of our published price.
  • A fail-safe system - Get it right first time and protect your business with Geo’s near zero certificate rejection rate.

Large-Scale Solar

Green Energy Trading covers every aspect of the LGC creation process and can provide you with clear and concise information and first-class customer service.

Commercial Solar

Commercial scale capacity represented nearly a quarter of the total capacity of solar PV installed in 2016. To help clients take advantage, Green Energy Trading now gives a bonus payment for STCs on all 50kW+ installs submitted through Geo.

Commercial Lighting in Victoria and New South Wales

Green Energy Trading can help you navigate through complex compliance requirements of both VEECs and ESCs by providing you with clear and concise information and first-class customer service.