How to claim certificates for a Solar Water Heater installation.

If you are a homeowner that has installed a Solar Water Heater in the last twelve months, you may be eligible to receive an STC payment.

  1. Firstly, begin your STC claim by downloading the homeowner Solar Water Heater assignment form from the Documents tab and follow the instructions on the first page. There is also a helpful checklist on the last page to ensure you have all the required supporting documents.

  2. Then, go here to calculate the number of STCs your Solar Water Heater installation is eligible for. The calculation is based on the size and type of system installed, the date of installation and the geographic location.

  3. Finally, submit your assignment form and additional required documents to Green Energy Trading. Once we receive your completed paperwork it will be reviewed and if we do not require any additional information we will submit it to the Clean Energy Regulator for approval, which generally takes around 6 weeks.

What is a STC?

STCs represent a reduction of energy used to heat water when a high efficiency or solar water heater is installed. By installing an eligible water heater and submitting a claim to Green Energy Trading you will be eligible to receive a certificate payment.

Am I eligible to claim STCs?

If no STC discount was provided by the installer at point-of-sale, the system owner will be entitled to receive the STC payment from Green Energy Trading. STCs can be claimed from the date the system has been completely and correctly installed and must be claimed within 12 months of the installation date.

What water heaters are eligible to create STCs?

STCs can be created for new installations of Clean Energy Regulator approved water heaters, including:

  1. Gas boosted solar water heaters.
  2. Electric boosted solar water heaters.
  3. Air-sourced heat pump water heaters.


  • Commercial SWH owner stat dec PDF | 0.12 MB

    For solar water water heaters greater than 700L capacity.

  • Commercial SWH installer stat dec PDF | 0.12 MB

    For solar water heaters greater than 700L capacity.

  • Stat Dec - Geo tagged photos PDF | 0.58 MB

    This stat dec is an alternative to Geo-tagged photos when location services aren't available on your smart phone.