Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)

Do you live in Victoria and have you replaced an electric or gas space-heater with a new, minimum five-star rated gas ducted heater or air-to-air heat-pump? If so, you may be eligible to receive a VEEC payment under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).

You may also be able to claim VEECs for a space-heating installation in a building that has not previously had a space-heater. VEECs can be claimed when you decommission an existing electric or gas water heater (i.e., make it permanently unusable) and install an approved water heater, including;

  1. 5-star rated gas storage water heater replacing electric water heater
  2. 5-star or 6-star gas instantaneous water heater replacing electric water heater
  3. Gas boosted solar water heater replacing gas or electric water heater
  4. Electric boosted solar water heater replacing electric water heater, and;
  5. Air-sourced heat pump water heater replacing electric water heater.

How to claim certificates for a Space Heater installation in Victoria

  1. To begin your VEEC claim please download the relevant system owner VEEC assignment form from the Documents tab and follow the instructions on the first page. There is also a helpful checklist on the last page to ensure you have all the required supporting documents.
  2. Then, use the VEET website's calculator to calculate the number of VEECs your system is eligible for. The calculation is based on the size and type of system installed, the date of installation and the postcode.
  3. Finally, submit your assignment form and additional required documents to Green Energy Trading. Once we receive your completed paperwork it will be reviewed and if we do not require any additional information we will submit it to the VEET for approval, which generally takes around 6 weeks.

Is it possible to claim VEECs if a new gas heater is installed?

If a 5-star or 6-star ducted gas heater is installed VEECs can be claimed provided either:

  1. An old ducted gas heater (Activity 5) was replaced, or
  2. A central electric heating system that heated a floor space of at least 100m2 (Activity 6) was replaced, or
  3. The new 5-star or 6-star ducted gas heater was installed in a building that did not have existing gas or electric space heating or cooling (Activity 20).

VEECs can also be claimed when a new gas-flued space heater (Activity 9) has been installed.

Is it possible to claim VEECs if a high efficiency heat pump is installed?

If the home or business is in a non-gas reticulated area, VEECs can be claimed for a new high efficiency ducted heat pump (commonly known as a reverse cycle air-conditioner), which heats multiple rooms, if either;

  1. The old ducted heat pump was replaced (Activity 7), or
  2. The central electric resistance heating system (i.e., under-floor, or slab, heating) that heated a floor space of at least 100m2 was replaced (Activity 8)

VEECs can also be claimed for installing a new space heat pump that heats a single room (Activity 10), however the home or business must be in a non-gas reticulated area.

Does the old space heater need to be decommission and removed?

The old space heater does need to be decommissioned (i.e., permanently made unusable) and in most cases it is preferred that you remove the old system. If the old space heater cannot be removed details explaining why it couldn’t be removed will need to be provided on the certificate assignment form.

For a ducted gas heater decommissioning may include removing a heating element and removing the old unit from the site for recycling or scrap metal.

For a central electric resistance heater, decommissioning typically requires an electrician to disconnect the central electric heater from the switch board and make this safe.

If the VEEC activities requires decommissioning, and it is possible to remove the decommissioned unit, then a recycling receipt must be provided.