What is an Energy Savings or Energy Efficiency Certificate?

An Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) or Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) are tradable credits that represent Carbon Dioxide abatement from eligible energy saving activities. Changing old, inefficient lighting over to more efficient technologies saves electricity, and this is converted into Carbon Dioxide abatement credits under the state based programs. Each ESC or VEEC has a current market price that electricity retailers buy a quantity of certificates for, thus creating incentives for businesses in Victoria and NSW to reduce electricity consumption.

Are the certificates a Government Rebate?

No. While the VEET and ESS programs are legislated and administered by State Governments, the funding does not come from Government bodies. The schemes are known as market mechanisms, removing the need for tax payer funding, and putting a requirement on electricity retailers to fund energy reduction activities.

How does certificate creation with Green Energy Trading work?

Green Energy Trading can be engaged directly by Original Energy Savers / end consumers to facilitate the creation of Energy Efficiency Certificates from an eligible commercial lighting upgrade. More often we work with installers and solution providers who engage with end consumers and offer upfront discounts on the cost of the installation in return for claiming the Energy Efficiency Certificates through Green Energy Trading.

We make ESC and VEEC certificate creation easy with:

  • Purpose built certificate creation online system

  • Expert team who guide you through the compliance requirements

  • Easy to use document templates that can be adapted as needed