Small-scale solar PV

If you have installed a solar PV system in the last twelve months, you may be eligible to receive an STC payment.

STCs are available for any home or business that has installed, replaced or upgraded a solar PV system under 100kW using eligible products.

The number of STCs a solar PV installation receives is based on the size and type of system installed, the date of installation and the geographic location.

For solar PV systems, each STC represents one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity generated.

We offer

  • Online STC creation through Geo
  • Finance for commercial solar installations
  • STC Price lock-in to help protect against price fluctuations

Join the more than 1.1 million Australian’s who have installed solar PV and claimed STCs thanks to the Renewable Energy Target.

  • Step 1

    Download a copy of our Solar PV form

  • Step 2

    Complete the form and collect the required supporting documentation

  • Step 3

    Use our calculator to estimate the value of your STCs

  • Step 4

    Submit your form and documentation to receive your payment


What is a STC?

A STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) represents one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity generated or displaced by a solar hot water, heat pump, solar PV, small wind or micro-hydro system. STCs can be traded for a monetary value.

Who does Green Energy Trading pay in exchange for the STCs?

Payment for the STCs can be made to either the system supplier/installer or the system owner.

System supplier/installer: if an STC discount was provided at the point of sale, the STC payment can go to the system installer/supplier. Details of the STC discount (including the discount amount) must be included on the invoice for the sale of the system.

System owner: If no STC discount was provided at point-of-sale the system owner will be entitled to receive the STC payment from Green Energy Trading.

What solar PV systems are eligible to create STCs?

STCs can be created for new grid-connect and off-grid installations of solar PV systems with a rated system capacity of no more than 100kW, and an annual electricity output less than 250MWh.

For information about larger renewable energy systems, see our large-scale solar PV page.

To be eligible to create STCs all solar PV systems must be designed and installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited person using Clean Energy Regulator approved products.

STCs can also be created for solar PV water pumps and other DC direct PV applications that do not use an inverter. Please contact our office on 1300 077 784 to discuss your PV application.

When can certificates be claimed and how long before they expire?

STCs can be claimed from the date the system has been completely and correctly installed.

STCs must be claimed within 12 months of the installation date.

The claim must be submitted to Green Energy Trading at least one month prior to the 12 month deadline to ensure the certificates don’t expire.

Can STCs be claimed for multiple systems, system upgrades or system/panel replacement at the same address?

Yes. However, we need some additional information to make processing the STCs more straightforward.

If more than one solar PV system has been installed or additions to an existing system made, the location of each system will need to be described on the assignment form. For example:

  • "a ___kW system with [_ number of] panels is located to the right hand side on the north facing roof and a ___kW system with [_ number of] panels is located on the west facing roof".
  • "the four new panels are located to the right hand side on the north facing roof"

A diagram or photos of the installation, showing the location of the existing and new systems is also very useful for processing your form.

If an existing system/panels has been replaced, additional details – including the system model, serial numbers and installation date (if known) – of the removed system will also need to be noted on the assignment form. This is especially important if STCs were created for the original system.

If any additional capacity proposed for installation will increase the rated solar PV capacity at the site, or for the business, above 100kW, we recommend you contact the Clean Energy Regulator to discuss whether you proposal is eligible to claim STCs, or must register as a power station to create LGCs.

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