Green Energy Trading is happy to announce that with the recent update to our online portal Geo, you are now able to create water & space heating VEECs Online!

Geo is the most advanced certificate creation portal in the Australian market, facilitating the efficient STC and VEEC creation, for solar PV and water & space heating installations.

Creating STCs and VEECs is now easier for you with Geo!


  • No more pen to paper - our 100% online system means you don’t need to chase customers or installers for their signature
  • Work where you want - submit your claims onsite in minutes from your tablet
  • Work the way you want - designed for full integration with other business systems, Geo eliminates double-handling and duplication
  • Choose your own price - payment terms from 1 to 20 days available, offering your choice of the fastest payment or best price

Green Energy Trading is your one stop shop providing more certificate options and faster payments!

We have the most complete online solution for your STC & VEEC creation. If you haven’t start using Geo, you still have time to take advantage of its ongoing cash incentives.


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